Lofty Goals

I have some lofty goals. I HATE QuickBooks. That is a rant for another time. Seems like everything I work on ends up needing to rely on accounting. Then, there is the continuous tax accounting aspects.

My lofty goal: Create an accounting software platform.

"WHAT?!?" I hear you say. Yeah, well, I am doing it for myself and my businesses. I am going to do it as FOSS which is Free and Open Source Software. And I am doing it in F#. Anyone is welcome to use it. Particularly the entrepreneurs... us single person, family and small businesses that just need stuff to work without costing an arm and leg. Did I mention that I want it to calculate the tax information too? Codify the US tax code in F#. I said I had lofty goals.

I am starting from no practical experience in software. I have been a geek for 35 years, mostly in administration, but always dreaming of building the software tools I wanted to use. I have watched thousands of hours of conference talks and read and researched countless blogs, websites, books on programming, languages, architecture, testing, domain driven design and lots more.

My problem is getting from the simple and trivial examples to doing the stuff I want to get done. As such, I am blogging my journey in hopes that it will be a helpful reference for myself AND maybe just help someone else in the world move forward with F#.

My journey starts in the Starting from ZERO blog post.

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